About Us

Who We Are?

We’re truely dedicated to make your travel experience as much simple and fun as possible! Kashmir land of “Sufis and Reshis” is a place for where RBS launched its operation into trade and travel sector. Although, we started from the scratch but since then we have cemented our place in this sector by providing quality customer service thereby creating a pool of loyal customers.

RBS is a venture of Reshu Boktoo family that has been in the trade and travel business from generations. Under the adroit mentorship of Mr. Habib Boktoo and his never dying attitude, RBS has grown by leaps and bounds.

Our Work Process?

Obviously, it has not been a walk in the park for us to build a base of customer that were loyal to us. For achieving this milestone, we have toiled hard, developed grassroot network across the globe which helped in adding value to our packages benefiting customer in the end.

Our Core Competency?

Customer satisfaction is the forte of our business. By this we mean that we don’t treat customer as mere source of income only but as an asset which is important to our business.

We are not the novices in the industry and have developed numerous contacts in India and around the world to make your visit hassle free. we provide hotel reservation, car rentals and other package that too on reasonable prices and that is why our services have been valued by the government.

We Walk The Talk?

The Boktoo family and its staff take pride in offering a one-stop solution to its clients, a hassle-free way of satiating their hunger for exploration. It is more than just an agency; it is a support system that will enable you to experience India exactly the way you would want to.

At RBS, we don’t talk but walk the talk. So, if you are planning your sabbatical but still undecided your wait finally ends with us. We take you on a trip in the woods that are dark, deep and stunning, in the gardens where every flower is a soul prospering in the nature, to the towering, immobile and jagged mountains and how can one forget the serine water of lakes.