The colorful mosaic of Indian Festivals and fairs-as diverse as the land, is an expression of the spirit of celebration, that is an essential part of the country. Observed with enthusiam and gaiety, festivals are like gems,ornamenting the crown of Indian culture. They are round-the-year vibrant interludes in the mundane routine of life.

Every season brings along new festivals, each a true celebration of the bounties of nature.And that's not all! The birthdays of gods and goddesses,saints and prophets, great historical happening and the advent of the New Year, all find expression in colourful festivities.The same festival, though celebrated differently in the various parts of the country, exhibits an eternal harmony of spirit.

Packed with fun and excitement, festivals are occasions to clean and decorate houses, to get together with friends and relatives.

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 Uttar Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
West Bengal
 Maha Kumbh Mela
International Kite Festival
Great Elephant March
Beach Festival
Fete De Pondicherry/Yoga Festival
Tea and Tourism Festival, Coonoor Mahabalipuram Dance Festival
Kolkotta/Shantiniketan Festival
International Citrus Festival