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India is the land of diverse culture and heritage. It legacy ranges from Vedic period to current times. Here you find numerous monuments and travel spots, which had been mentioned in the annals of history. You can experience the freshness of breathtaking Himalayas and find solitude in the backwaters of Keralas. The memories, which you take with you when you explore the sun-drenched forts, water-washed beaches, and scented mausoleums, are unforgettable. You would be compelled to see more of India and get a feel of its cultural diversity. Be with us and we will help you to unwind the mysteries of India, so that the people and places of this heartland would be chiseled in your sweet memories forever.


Tajmahal- Agra
Lotus Temple-Delhi

Delhi- Agra- Jaipur Golden Triangle 6 Days/ 5 Night
In this programme you will be Covering Delhi, The capital of India, Jaipur – The capital of Rajasthan and popularly know as the Colourful state of India and Pink city of Rajasthan and Agra the World famous Love Memorial “ The Taj Mahal “.
Delhi- Agra- Jaipur Golden Triangle 5 Days/ 4 Night
Visit the three corners of the famous golden triangle in India. The specially tailored golden triangle tour offers you a perfect opportunity to view the architectural marvels like Qutub Minar in Delhi, Taj Mahal in Agra and Amber Palace in Jaipur.



Rajasthan weaves a kaleidoscope of colorful images in front of you. Located in northwestern India it is the land of romantic palaces and magnificent forts. It has a rich history filled with tales of courage and sacrifice.

It is a culturally very vivid state. The local traditions of music and dance go back in time. Minstrels sing ballads of the heroic deeds of the past and each city in Rajasthan has its own unique cultural heritage, which you can see on your tour.

Rajasthan has many colorful festivals and events, around the year. The Teej Festival and Gangaur Festival in Jaipur, the Elephant festival and International kite festival are popular tourist attractions. The Jaisalmer desert festival and the Pushkar Mela are also important tourist events.

Rajasthan Tourism


Kashmir has been christened, as the paradise on Earth and it is the most beautiful state of India. It appears breathtaking with its snow-capped mountains. The tranquility of its silver lakes is inviting and you will really enjoy your stay in the houseboats.
Kashmir Tourism

There are numerous beautiful gardens scattered in the valley of Kashmir and Chir and Gulmohar trees add a beautiful landscape to this land.

This state has history of more than 4,000 years and there are many religious places where you can visit. The people here are soft-spoken, warm and friendly and welcome all the visitors with courtesy. The cuisine of Kashmir is delicious and you can taste exotic Mughlai foods like kebabs and biryani over here.



India has numerous and exotic wildlife destinations.  You can visit the National Parks and Sanctuaries to witness wild animals like elephants, tigers, giraffe, rhinoceros, panther, crocodile and deer.

The sights of flamingoes, the perching cuckoos, the dancing peacocks leave a mesmerizing effect on you, and you would be compelled to see more sightings of the wild.

In India there are more than 80 National Parks, and 441 wildlife sanctuaries. Here you can also see the exotic animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, Red Panda, Nil Gai, Gharial and rare migratory birds. The sights and the feel of forests are so mesmerizing that you will feel that you should be with them for longer duration.

India has many picnic hotspots in the middle of serenading forests. These places are frequented by visitors who want to enjoy nature in its full bloom and have the feel of wild. You can also go for trekking at these places.

Wild Life India
Wild Life India
Kashmir Tourism Wild Life India
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